SAIRAC is an Associate of ASHRAE. The rights and privileges of ASHRAE Associates are as follows:

  1.  Members of ASHRAE and ASHRAE Associates in good standing are entitled to register for meetings and conferences at member registration fees.
  2. Members in good standing are entitled to purchase publications at member prices.
  3. Members in good standing may apply for membership in the other organization subject to meeting the minimum requirements of the said organization.
  4. ASHRAE and the Associate will provide to each other its principal publications.
  5. An ASHRAE Library which consists of the following publications: monthly ASHRAE Journals, annual volumes of the Handbook series, Meeting Transactions, ASHRAE Standards as they are developed and revised.
  6. Associates may translate and reprint ASHRAE meeting and ASHRAE Journal papers following formal written requests to do so.

SAIRAC members can register for ASHRAE webinars in our MEMERS SECURE AREA