SAIRAC offers enrichment courses related to environmental control.  Enrichment courses are presented as a series of evening lectures or as one day seminars. Courses are presented by members who have in-depth knowledge and experience in the subject presented. SAIRAC enrichment courses cover the following fields and topics:

  • Introductory lectures
    The SI System
    Definitions and terminology
  • Air conditioning
    Thermodynamics applicable to air-conditioning
    Psychrometrics and properties of air
    Comfort and the need for air-conditioning and/or ventilation
    Heat transfer
    Heat load estimating
    Applied Psychrometrics
    Fundamentals of air flow
    Air duct design
    Fans and fan performance
    Air filtration
    Air conditioning systems
    Air cooling and heating equipment
    Humidification and dehumidification
    Air distribution
    Air conditioning controls and safety devices
    Commissioning the system
    The heat pump and heat reclaim
    Fault finding and trouble shooting
  • Refrigeration
    Thermodynamics applicable to refrigeration
    Psychrometrics and properties of air
    The simple refrigeration cycle
    The refrigeration cycle and cycle diagram
    Compressor construction, lubrication and protection
    Reciprocating compressor performance and selection
    Expansion devices
    Compressor selection and capacity regulation
    Refrigerant piping and accessories
    Component matching and part load conditions
    Controls and safety devices
    Food preservation and storage conditions
    Cold storage equipment
    Cooling load estimating
    Fault finding and trouble shooting
  • Sound control
    Principles of sound control in air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Global warming and carbon footprint reduction
    Green building seminars


SAIRAC enrichment courses are registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa for CPD purposes.

SAIRAC enrichment courses do not compete with courses offered by training service providers or educational institutions