16 Nov

SAIRAC Technical Talk Series: Smoke Barriers by Ron Burns 10th November 2020

This PE Tech Talk was hosted in July 2020 and Ron Burns has kindly provided a copy of the presentation.

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09 Jun

SAIRAC Technical talk series: Covid-19 and how it will influence designs in the future – Michael Young on 9th June 2020

Covid-19 has changed the economy and caused many countries to implement a compulsory type of behavior called “Social distancing”. The way we behave is not the only thing that...

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29 May

SAIRAC Technical Talk Series: Post Mortem on Compressors by Marius la Grange

What was the cause of death and the contributing factors resulting in the failure Download here or view online below

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05 Mar


Click below to view presentation: DREOSTI_MEMORIAL_LECTURE_PRESENTATION 2013

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