Greetings to all our members and industry relations.

Before I continue, I would like to convey a big thank you to each SAIRAC committee member that I have had the privilege to serve with in the last year. It is an act of service towards SAIRAC’s members and the greater industry. I trust that for each committee member it has been rewarding for the greater part.

The late Steve Jobs that played a huge role in one of the world’s most successful organizations globally, “Apple Inc” had a saying that “Health is wealth”. How true this turns out to be in 2020. With almost everyone on the planet being affected the Covid-19 pandemic in some way we have had to adjust your outlook in many ways. Many things as we knew it historically is likely to never be the same as before. Much of the forced change holds new potential and I believe our industry nationally will see changes and new needs to be met holding much positive potential.

This has also been a time of rapid innovation within our industry with standards and norms under the spotlight to incorporated factors that would limit the spread of air borne diseases more than ever before. The servicing sector specifically called upon to optimize the function of existing Air Conditioning (AC) and ventilation systems towards reducing and limiting the potential spread of the virus in healthcare and public spaces. The crisis also emphasized how crucial reliable food production is in a well-functioning society and economy. Food production and processing is heavily reliant on equipment and services provided by the HVAC&R sector.

Our industry face many challenges and I believe many of them are interrelated. Goals set in attempting to address these challenges are made by various role players from the private and governmental sectors. In addressing challenges in our industry it is hard to know what to attend to first that will have the greatest impact on improving many of the challenges but having more people with a higher knowledge and skill level can undoubtably have a dramatic impact. I believe one intervention would contribute vastly towards a safer, more professional, and more environmentally conscious industry is having a greater number of industry specific registered practitioners.  Please read more on this in section 6.3.

During one of our recent online sessions we had Mike Schűssler, well known SA economist, share his views on the covid-19 environment we find ourselves in. My question to him was “what is it going to take from organization to survive and grow after this crisis”. His reply was “organizations and individuals with resources in all likelihood”. I believe organizational resources is very much more than funds although that is key. As individuals our wealth is measurable in terms of relations, friendships, skills, capabilities, and health to name a few. The skills and capabilities within each organization lies with the individuals that provide good services & solutions that add value to their clients. Basic good service is going to count more than ever.

With long term environmental concerns in mind SAIRAC’s NC continued its focus on Natural Refrigerant and Energy efficient applications from the years prior. Member & visitors attending SAIRAC events would hopefully have experienced this focus with related information and experiences shared.

Before continuing I would like to ask you to please take a few minutes and let us know how well SAIRAC’s offering met your individual need. This will help the new committee in getting a clearer view on what members ideally want and need.


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