16 Jan

[26 April 2022 Durban] Designing Toward Net-Zero Energy Commercial Buildings

ASHRAE CTTC: Designing Toward Net-Zero Energy Commercial Buildings

Net-zero energy buildings (NZEBs) are those which, on an annual basis, use no more energy

from the utility grid than is provided by on-site renewable energy sources. These buildings

use 50% to 70% less energy than comparable traditional buildings. The remaining energy use

comes from renewable sources, like solar panels or wind turbines incorporated into the

facility itself. The course provides application knowledge of the design and operating

principles for energy-efficient buildings and available technologies and systems to achieve

NZEBs design. Building design strategies; review of current policy and regulation, energy,

environmental and economic assessment of building’s performance; energy efficiency in

HVAC, lighting, and appliances; and on-site renewable energy sources are topics covered.


The course will be a one-day event to be hosted in the city of Durban.

26 April 2022


Please note only 25 spots are open for this event.

You are welcome to invite other parties to join

Author: nova