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[15 March 2022 Cape Town] Designing & Operating Data Centers for the Internet of Everything: Mitigating Risk & Optimizing Performance

ASHRAE CTTC: Designing & Operating Data Centers for the internet of everything, focusing on mitigating risk & optimizing performance.

IT hardware is rapidly evolving in response to customer need and demands. This makes IT loads in data centres difficult to predict. To achieve maximum performance while reducing energy consumption, data centres must be designed and operated by professionals whose knowledge evolves as quickly. The maximum load is a hardware-driven metric; the average load or maximum operating load is a software-driven metric. And software workload is a moving target (ranging from idle to maximum operating load). Today’s data centre environments have an infinite number of combinations, increasing the risk of overgeneralizing by designers and operators. Demand for IT services that are lower cost, more energy-efficient, provide more storage, and offer more computing capabilities is resulting in continued, significant changes in hardware and as a result its operating conditions. This ASHRAE course examines data centre best practices by focusing on ASHRAE TC 9.9 guidance.

This ASHRAE course examines data centre best practices by focusing on ASHRAE’s evolving thermal guidelines for data processing environments, telecommunications, and actual high-density data centres in operation today. While there are opportunities to save energy in data centres, understanding equipment trends, performance measurements, and effectiveness are critical to the principal objective: Data integrity.

The course will be a one-day event to be hosted in the city of Cape Town.

15 March 2022


CPD points will be issued for all attendees per Lecture.

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