Committee notice of site visit SAIRAC invite all members and interested parties to join us on a site visit to Trojan Fans (PTY) LTD.

Date: 12 July 2018
Venue: 124 Loper avenue, Aeroport, Spartan
Time: 12h30

RSVP: A maximum of 20 people can be accommodated.
Please book with Mariet Pieterse at


  1. Show you around the workshop and give you an idea of what we are all about – perhaps give some insight into those that have not had exposure to larger/heavier duty as well as faster running fans (as you are probably already aware, we tend to serve that end of the market) - a chance to see this type of equipment and gain an understanding of the differences and the pros and cons thereof.
  2. Have some light eats and refreshments in our boardroom
  3. Do a presentation on something relevant. We were looking at doing something along the lines of understanding the different types of centrifugal fans, their application, and pros and cons. In your case, our focus would be on backward curved and forward curved fans, since they are the relevant ones in your industry and briefly touch on the other types (backward inclined, radial, radial tip blades, paddle bladed etc) just enough so that the attendees know what they are. We would then move onto A brief understanding of selecting fans and why we do what we do.
  4. Do a Q & A Session

Kind Regards,

Mariet Pieterse
Johannesburg Secretary


M: 082 772 1694
F: 086 596 8501


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