1 JULY 2016 TO 30 JUNE 2017



R 150.00 per annum

A candidate under the age of 25 who must be studying full-time for a degree or diploma in subjects related to the air conditioning and refrigeration industry or allied field, or be an apprentice in training in that industry.




R 770.00 per annum

A candidate who is actively engaged or associated with the air conditioning and refrigeration industry or allied field and be committed to the interests of that industry.



Associate member 

R 830.00 per annum




R 830.00 per annum

A candidate for admission or transfer to the grade of Member shall,

(i) Possess an Engineering Degree from a university, college or institution of learning approved by Council and have had 3 years relevant experience in a responsible position in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry or allied field.

(ii) Possess any other degree from the foregoing institutions of learning in subjects approved by Council and have had 4 years relevant experience in a responsible position in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry or allied field.

(iii) Possess an appropriate technical qualification in subjects approved by Council and have had 5 years relevant experience in a responsible position in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry or allied field.

(iv) Possess a lesser qualification approved by Council and have had 10 years relevant experience in a responsible position in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry or allied field. Level of responsibility shall be supported by TWO referees, on the forms prescribed by Council; one being a Corporate member of SAIRAC and the other being a present, or previous, employer of the applicant.




R 920.00 per annum

A candidate who applies for transfer to the grade of Fellow shall,

(i) have been a Member of the Institute for 10 years, and

(ii) be proposed and seconded by Fellows of the Institute.



New applications 

R 650.00 per annum




R 1300.00 per annum



Reprint of Certificate 

R 80.00 per annum


Associate members are those Associates who joined before 1/7/2011.

Fees are payable in advance. Final payment date of the 2016/17 fee
is 30 September 2016. If not received by this date and without notification as to the reason for non payment, membership is automatically cancelled. 

If date of application is between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017;
Students : R 150.00
All other Grades i.e. Associate and Member : R 830.00
Any applicant becoming a member (date of certificate) from 1 April to 30 June, will not be liable for fees until 1 July of next year. 

FEES FOR REJOINING (members who were excluded for non payment of fees)
To rejoin AND to maintain the original membership number and original date of joining 
AND receive a new certificate the applicant has to pay : R 1660.00 

The cost of a replacement certificate for a member in good standing (fees paid up): R90.00 

Draw cheques in favour of SAIRAC and post to:
SAIRAC, c/o P O Box 517, MILNERTON, South Africa 7435 

Bank : ABSA
Account No. : 0711201432
Account Name : SAIRAC
Account Type : Current Account
Branch : Milnerton (in Cape Town)
Branch Code : 630-509
Reference : Membership Number and Name of Member 

Many members still make payment into the incorrect bank account and we ask that the account number be carefully checked when effecting payment. 

Kindly fax a copy of the deposit slip as proof of payment to J Ackermann at
Fax: +27 21 552 1592 or email:
Please be reminded that without a proper reference on your deposit your payment could go unallocated, eventually resulting in cancellation of your membership.


The South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

On 17 July 1951, the South African Institute of Refrigeration was founded at a meeting of refrigeration engineers and food scientists held at the Bordeaux Hotel in Cape Town. The founding membership of 41 elected Dr Guido Dreosti as the Institute’s first President, an office that he held for the next 5 years and again in 1957 and in 1962. In 1962, the Institute widened its scope to include air conditioning and became the South African Institute of refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC). In 1961 SAIRAC started establishing Centres in the other major cities of South Africa. Port Elizabeth was established in 1961, followed by Durban in 1963 and Johannesburg in 1964.

Click here to download the Membership Application form. For more details and benefits of being a SAIRAC member, please view membership brochure below:



2888 Mr. A.Y. Abdul-Wahab MEMBER
3815 Mr. L. Abrahams  ASS.member 
4067 Mr. A. Abrahams ASSOCIATE
1637 Mr. S.A. Aburn MEMBER
1004 Mr. J. Ackermann FELLOW
4198 Mr. E.B. Adam ASSOCIATE
2108 Mr. A.A. Adendorff MEMBER
3633 Mr. L.L. Agenbag Ass.member
2203 Mr. A.K.C. Akabor X-M
3929 Mr. J. Albasini  ASSOCIATE 
1679 Mr. P. Aldred ASS.member
4286 Mr. J. Alibaba ASSOCIATE
1265 Mr. P.S. Allen X-Am
3944 Mr. S. Ambler  ASSOCIATE 
3562 Mr. M.J. Anderson ASS.member
977 Mr. G.F. Anderson X-F
4279 Mr. D.M. Andriess ASSOCIATE
4218 Mr. S. Anthoney ASSOCIATE
3488 Mr. G.A. Arnold MEMBER
3350 Mr. S. Arro ASS.member
1682 Mr. T.A. Atkinson-Hope X-A
3649 Mr.  G.R. Ayliffe ASS.member
4288 Miss S.R. Ayres ASSOCIATE
385 Mr. K. Bakker MEMBER
3874 Mr. S. Ballantyne  MEMBER 
2541 Mr. K. Bands MEMBER
3462 Mr. D. Bantjes ASS.member
4247 Mr. C.F. Barnard ASSOCIATE
3523 Mr. G. Barnes ASS.member
3551 Mr. S.J. Barrett MEMBER
1582 Mr. P.O. Barter MEMBER
1383 Mr. A.J. Barton X-M
2859 Mr. H.J. Basson ASS.member
4200 Mr. C.J. Beattie ASSOCIATE
2926 Mr. N.C.G. Beazley ASS.member
4100 Mr. A.W. Bell ASSOCIATE
370 Mr. C. Bellingan X-FE
565 Mr. E.J. Bennett X-M
1174 Mr. G.D. Berlyn ASS.member
3658 Mr. G. Berman ASS.member
234 Mr. F. Berrisford X-FE
599 Mr. P.J. Berry X-Am
3491 Mr. D.J. Bester MEMBER
4223 Ms G. Beta ASSOCIATE
480 Mr. R.A. Beuster ASS.member
3685 Mr. W.A. Beuster ASS.member
3686 Mr. M.C. Beuster ASS.member
3446 Mr. M. Bezuidenhout ASS.member
3669 Mr.  N. Bezuidenhout ASS.member
3823 Mr. S.A. Bhagalu  ASS.member 
3147 Mr. L.S. Bhagalu MEMBER
3317 Mr. T. Bhikha ASS.member
1663 Mr. M. Biffi MEMBER
3433 Mr. J. Bijkersma MEMBER
2583 Mr. M.H.R. Bischoff MEMBER
3566 Mr. D. Black MEMBER
3918 Mr.  B. Blaeser  ASSOCIATE 
1481 Mr. P.S. Blake ASS.member
4147 Mr. C.R. Blankers ASSOCIATE
1362 Mr. H. Blaxall MEMBER
2457 Mr. F.P. Blignaut MEMBER
3067 Mr. C.J. Blignaut MEMBER
3222 Mr. S.C. Blom MEMBER
2086 Mr. G.P. Bloom ASS.member
2395 Dr. S.J. Bluhm MEMBER
1213 Mr. J.H. Blundell X-M
3556 Mr. A. Boltina MEMBER
2961 Mr. R.C. Booth ASS.member
3846 Mr. P. Booysen  ASSOCIATE 
2359 Mr. J.J. Booysen MEMBER
1837 Mr. W. Bosma MEMBER
3640 Mr.  M.M. Bosman MEMBER
3200 Mr. C.C. Boswell ASS.member
1327 Mr. L.A. Botha ASS.member
3357 Mr. D. Botha ASS.member
3408 Mr. D.S. Botha ASS.member
3747 Mr. R. Botha ASS.member
3999 Mr. W.Q. Botha  ASSOCIATE 
4273 Mr. S.P. Botha MEMBER
4206 Mr.  J.C. Botha ASSOCIATE
2695 V.C. Botha ASS.member
2409 Mr. G.J. Bothma MEMBER
3367 Mr. C.D. Bouwer MEMBER
3361 Mr. G.J. Bowie X-Am
1002 Mr. I.R. Boyes X-M
837 Mr. D.B. Bradley X-M
902 Mr. R.J. Brann X-F
3788 Mr. C.E. Braund MEMBER
3777 Mr. P.A. Breedveld MEMBER
1697 Mr. Q. Brent ASS.member
3354 Mr. C.L. Brink MEMBER
917 Mr. C.H. Brislin X-M
3024 Mr. R. Brits MEMBER
4150 Mr. D.F. Broodryk ASSOCIATE
3485 Mr. D.A. Brouwer MEMBER
285 Mr. G.W. Brouwer X-M
3895 Mr. A.J. Brown  ASSOCIATE 
1116 Mr. W. Brown FELLOW
3582 Mr. A. Brown MEMBER
3814 Mr. R.O. Browne  ASS.member 
903 Mr. F. Bruhwiler X-M
3736 Mr G.J. Brumme ASS.member
3311 Mr. J.M. Buckland ASS.member
3776 Mr. A. Burger MEMBER
2466 Mr. D. Burgess ASS.member
1079 Mr. J.D. Burgess MEMBER
794 Mr. P.W. Burke FELLOW
1435 Mr. D. Burl MEMBER
2004 Mr. R.G. Burns FELLOW
397 Mr. D.V. Burns X-FE
1406 Mr. R. Burrows ASS.member
3337 Mr. M. Burrows ASS.member
4260 Mr. L. Butterson ASSOCIATE
2782 Dr. J.H. Buys ASS.member
4182 Mr. W.P. Buys MEMBER
4274 Mr. R.K. Cadman ASSOCIATE
2268 Mr. A.V. Caetano MEMBER
2419 Mr. T. Campbell MEMBER
1458 Mr. A.P. Campbell X-M
4261 Mr. G.M. Cannon ASSOCIATE
3520 Mr. G.J. Capelle ASS.member
423 Mr. E.G. Carlson FELLOW
3878 Mr. F. Cassim  MEMBER 
4032 Mr. D. Cavanagh ASSOCIATE
4266 Mr. K.C. Chabalala ASSOCIATE
3811 Mr. S.C. Chakezha  MEMBER 
3023 Mr. J.G. Chalker ASS.member
635 Mr. M.J. Chamberlain X-M
4164 Mr. G.W. Channer ASSOCIATE
2670 Mr. I.W. Chapanda ASS.member
1603 Mr. A.B. Chapman X-M
3908 Mr. A.C. Chennells  ASSOCIATE 
4276 Mr. S. Chetty ASSOCIATE
3149 Mr. R. Chetty MEMBER
3490 Mr. A.C. Chhagan X-M
4284 Mr. W. Chimperu ASSOCIATE
3710 Mr  K.L. Chislett ASS.member
3805 Mr. J.G. Cilliers ASS.member
2254 Mr. N. Claassen MEMBER
3482 Mr. D.T. Claassen MEMBER
1042 Mr. C.J. Claassen X-M
4026 Mr. S.M. Clark ASSOCIATE
2020 Mr. K.G. Clark X-Am
1857 Mr. E.R. Clarke X-M
3943 Mr. K. Clarkson  ASSOCIATE 
1270 Mr. R. Clough-Wilson MEMBER
1799 Mr. I.J.M. Cobb ASS.member
2756 Mr. D. Coetzee MEMBER
4239 Mr. C.J. Coetzer ASSOCIATE
4057 Mr.  E.F.  Coetzer MEMBER
3809 Mr. A. Collins  MEMBER 
3975 Mr. E.O. Collins  MEMBER 
4144 Mr. M. Combinck ASSOCIATE
3025 Mr. C.L. Constantin MEMBER
4197 Mr.  J. Coopasami MEMBER
3097 Mr. D. Cooper ASS.member
3494 Mr. P.S. Costello MEMBER
3762 Mr. M.W. Cox ASS.member
4231 Mr. K. Cox ASSOCIATE
3155 Mr. G.P. Cox MEMBER
1033 Mr. J. Cox X-M
2247 Mr. A.C. Crafford MEMBER
3383 Mr. R.D. Cramer ASS.member
3461 Ms. K. Crighton ASS.member
3033 Mr. G.W. Cromie ASS.member
576 Mr. D. Cronje X-M
4029 Mr. H.W. Crous ASSOCIATE
3693 Mr. A.A. Crowe Ass.member
1995 Mr. J.S. Crozier X-M
3410 Mr. D.C. Cumming MEMBER
3215 Mr. A.R. Cuninghame MEMBER
3717 Mr R.A. Currie ASS.member
3718 Mr  A.P. Currie ASS.member
1996 Mr. A.G. Curry FELLOW
1261 Mr. B.J.D. Da Silva ASS.member
3678 Mr. P. Da Silva ASS.member
1166 Mr. A.N. Dally MEMBER
4303 Mr. A. Damons ASSOCIATE
4116 Mr. T.O. Danda ASSOCIATE
3840 Mrs. F. Daniels  ASSOCIATE 
495 Mr. J.H.W. D'Arcy-Evans X-M
3404 Mr. C.W. Darroll ASS.member
2358 Mr. A.S. Das Neves ASS.member
3689 Mr. A. David MEMBER
997 Mr. S.E. Davison X-F
4176 Mr. R.B. De Almeida MEMBER
3825 Mr. J. De Beer  ASS.member 
3995 Mr. S.J. de Beer  ASSOCIATE 
4232 Mr. D.M. de Beer ASSOCIATE
3248 Mr. P.J. De Bod MEMBER
685 Mr. R.A. De Groep MEMBER
2719 Mr. H. De Jong MEMBER
3947 Mr. P.J.L. de Kock  ASSOCIATE 
4024 Mr. C. De Kock MEMBER
1754 Mr. S. De Kock X-M
444 Mr. G. de Koker X-Am
3077 Mr. P. De Koning MEMBER
2802 Mr. C.F.H. de Lange ASS.member
2201 Mr. D.Q.C. De Oliveira MEMBER
3819 Mr. J. De Paiva  ASS.member 
1596 Mr. A.G. De Pontes MEMBER
3159 Mr. G. De Villiers ASS.member
1575 Mr. N. De Villiers MEMBER
3185 Mr. J. N. De Villiers MEMBER
4098 Mr. A.H. de Villiers MEMBER
3922 Mr. H.J.A de Vries  ASSOCIATE 
4013 Mr. M.A. de Vries MEMBER
3629 Mr. R.A.J. Deamer ASS.member
766 Mr. J.E. Dekker X-M
1565 Mr. D.O. Del Castillo MEMBER
4132 Mr. A.W. Delport ASSOCIATE
3506 Mr. D.F. Delport MEMBER
3845 Mr. M.E. Demaio  ASSOCIATE 
1282 Mr. G.E. Demaio X-FE
3851 Mr. D.L. Denton  ASSOCIATE 
1114 Mr. S. Deutschmann X-Am
1269 Mr. J. Dhont X-M
998 Mr. D. Diliyannis X-A
3969 Mr. G.W. Dirker  MEMBER 
2740 Mr. G.K. Dix MEMBER
2344 Mr. M. Dixon ASS.member
4016 Mr. S.B. Dlamini MEMBER
3347 Mrs. I.H.A. Dobelin MEMBER
3348 Ms. S. Dobelin ASS.member
2546 Mr. R. Dollie MEMBER
3469 Mr. J. Doorduin ASS.member
3910 Mr. D.G. Douglas  MEMBER 
1882 Mr. I.R. Dragt ASS.member
3647 Mr. S.G. Dragt ASS.member
1881 Mr. G.H. Dragt MEMBER
3032 Mr. M. Dressler MEMBER
2932 Mr. R.J. Drinkrow MEMBER
4113 Mr. C.S. Drinkrow MEMBER
3331 Mr. L.C. Droomer MEMBER
2127 Mr. R.P. Drummond ASS.member
2584 Mr. N. Du Plessis ASS.member
4282 Mr. M. Du Plessis ASSOCIATE
3093 Mr. R. du Plessis MEMBER
3519 Mr. K. Du Plessis MEMBER
3872 Mr. J.P. Du Plessis  MEMBER 
4212 Mr.  G.E. Du Plessis MEMBER
3286 Mr. M.C. Du Plooy MEMBER
2458 Mr. C.J. Du Preez ASS.member
2477 Mr. J. Du Preez ASS.member
945 Mr. G.L. Du Preez MEMBER
4165 Mr. W. Du Randt ASSOCIATE
3554 Mr. B.D. Du Toit MEMBER
2001 Mr. J.H. Du Toit X-Am
3622 Mr. B.G. Duffield ASS.member
1672 Mr. R.P. Durrett ASS.member
4187 Mr. A.S. Duvenhage ASSOCIATE
3991 Mr. G. Dyer  ASSOCIATE 
587 Mr. T.G.R. Dyer X-Am
4069 Mr. J.A. Eagar ASSOCIATE
4240 Mr. Z. Ebrahim ASSOCIATE
3593 Mr. G. Edmiston ASS.member
1509 Mr. R.J. Edmiston MEMBER
1165 Mr. D.C. Edwards X-F
941 Mr. P.C. Edwards X-M
1545 Mr. M.A. Edwards X-M
143 Mr. A.E. Elliot X-M
2779 Mr. J.P. Els ASS.member
3827 Mr.  H.M. Els  MEMBER 
405 Mr. C.C. Elston X-FE
2976 Mr. P.B. Emery ASS.member
4127 Mr. A.C.J. Engelbrecht ASSOCIATE
3420 Mr. B. Erasmus ASS.member
4101 Mr. C. Erasmus ASSOCIATE
3602 Mr. A. Estcourt MEMBER
4063 Mr. W.A. Esterhuizen ASSOCIATE
1553 Mr. M.W. Evans ASS.member
2783 Mr. B.S. Faber ASS.member
3372 Mr. C. Fann ASS.member
4042 Mr. C.T. Feng ASSOCIATE
3316 Mr. J.H. Ferguson ASS.member
137 Mr. A.L. Ferneyhough X-FE
4253 Ms C. Ferreira STUDENT
1212 Mr. G. Fife ASS.member
1104 Mr. K.H. Fletcher X-F
2589 Mr. R.E. Forbes MEMBER
2527 Mr. K. Forrester ASS.member
4099 Mr. D. Fourie MEMBER
3381 Mr. J.B. Fox ASS.member
4250 Mr. R.C. Fox ASSOCIATE
3426 Mr. C.J. Francis ASS.member
4222 Mr. E.M. Francis ASSOCIATE
1322 Mr. P.H. Fraser MEMBER
4075 Mr. S.J. Frewen ASSOCIATE
2516 Mr. S.G. Friedmann MEMBER
3483 Mr. A.E. Frylinck MEMBER
3672 Mr. C.J. Frylinck MEMBER
3674 Mr. J.M.M. Fullstone MEMBER
2533 Mr. R. Futter MEMBER
2634 Mr. A. Gaia MEMBER
3217 Mr. F. Gany ASS.member
3980 Mr. P. Gatangi  MEMBER 
2497 Mr. G.N. Gauche ASS.member
1961 Mr. P.B. Geddes MEMBER
4271 Mr. W.S. Gent ASSOCIATE
3948 Mr. A. George  ASSOCIATE 
1917 Mr. P.J.A. Germishuys ASS.member
3700 Mr. R.A.  Gibson MEMBER
4236 Mr. A.C.  Gil ASSOCIATE
2711 Mr. G.M. Gilbert ASS.member
1173 Mr. R. Gillett X-M
2500 Mr. A.M. Gillies X-M
2566 Mr. R.D. Gochen ASS.member
4225 Mr. O.E.  Godo ASSOCIATE
3708 Mr B.A. Goetz MEMBER
3745 Dr. S.L. Golding ASS.member
3868 Mr. K.G. Goldschmidt  ASSOCIATE 
1607 Mr. R.H. Goldschmidt X-M
687 Mr. P.D. Gould X-FE
3579 Mr. T. Gouws ASS.member
1651 Mr. D. Govender ASS.member
3764 Mr. P. Govender ASS.member
3998 Mr. L. Govender  ASSOCIATE 
4036 Mr. M. Govender ASSOCIATE
4228 Mr. S. Govender ASSOCIATE
4044 Mr.  G.  Govender ASSOCIATE
4140 Mr. K. Govindan ASSOCIATE
4035 Mr. J. Graaf ASSOCIATE
3720 Mr H.F. Grantham ASS.member
1943 Mr. P.A. Gray ASS.member
2884 Mr. R.A.C. Gray X-Am
4078 Mr. D. Green ASSOCIATE
3956 Mr. C. Greenwood  ASSOCIATE 
1760 Prof. G.P. Greyvenstein MEMBER
3782 Mr. E. Griebenow ASS.member
1737 Mr. A.I. Grieve ASS.member
4262 Mr. C.A. Griffin ASSOCIATE
3707 Mr P.C. Griffiths ASS.member
2439 Mr. R. Griffiths MEMBER
4163 Mr. G.D.W. Grobbelaar ASSOCIATE
3906 Mr. I.D. Grobler  MEMBER 
4157 Mr. D.S. Grobler MEMBER
4298 Mr. W. Groenewald MEMBER
3681 Mr. P. Gwitirwa ASS.member
2564 Mr. R.A. Hall ASS.member
4133 Mr.  D. Halley ASSOCIATE
4120 Mr. M.S. Hallgren ASSOCIATE
3877 Mr. A.P. Hanekom  MEMBER 
612 Mr. R.W.F. Hannah FELLOW
3767 Mr. P.B. Hannah MEMBER
2815 Mr. R.W.H. Hanssen MEMBER
331 Mr. B.C. Hardey X-M
3765 Mr. I. Hargroves ASS.member
3080 Mr. M. Harkison MEMBER
2350 Mr. H. Harris ASS.member
3623 Mr. R.J. Hattingh MEMBER
3575 Mr. J.J. Havenga ASS.member
1664 Mr. D. Hawkins X-M
3143 Mr. E.G. Hector ASS.member
3425 Mr. C. Hendricks MEMBER
4215 Mr. A. Henning ASSOCIATE
3740 Mr. P.A. Henry MEMBER
1226 Mr. A.F.E. Herman X-F
3838 Mr. S. Hermans  ASSOCIATE 
4066 Mr. R.S. Heynes MEMBER
3921 Mr. T.H. Heyns  MEMBER 
4081 Miss S. Higginbotham ASSOCIATE
3216 Mr. P. Hill MEMBER
677 Mr. R.L. Hirsch X-M
4073 Mr. M.M. Hlapolosa ASSOCIATE
3924 Mr. K. Hlatshwayo  MEMBER 
3126 Mr. G. Hodge ASS.member
2517 Mr. P.D. Hodgkinson MEMBER
3351 Mr. P.A. Hoetmer MEMBER
3573 Mr. Q. Hol MEMBER
3211 Mr. M. Holland-Muter ASS.member
3539 Mr. D.C. Honour MEMBER
1589 Mr. J.L. Hopkins ASS.member
3954 Mr. G.J. Horner  ASSOCIATE 
3979 Mr. J.M. Houston  ASSOCIATE 
2412 Mr. G.B. Howe MEMBER
4002  Mr. S.G.  Hoyland  ASSOCIATE 
315 Mr. R. Hubner X-M
3829 Mr. B.G. Huddle  MEMBER 
2930 Mr. A.J. Hughes MEMBER
3673 Mr. B.R. Hull MEMBER
2836 Mr. R.O. Humphrey MEMBER
4080 Mr. C.D. Hunt ASSOCIATE
2750 Ms. P.C. Hurley ASS.member
1642 Mr. M.J. Hurrie MEMBER
3738 Mr. A.O. Ilori MEMBER
3821 Mr. R. Ismail  ASS.member 
4230 Mr. T. Jack MEMBER
2758 Mr. A.L. James MEMBER
2531 Mr. H.J. Janse van Rensburg ASS.member
3971 Mr. R. Janse Van Vuuren  MEMBER 
1504 Mr. A.H. Jansen FELLOW
3936 Mr. N. Jassat ASSOCIATE
4025 Mr. C.J. Jenkerson ASSOCIATE
747 Mr. E.L. Jenkerson X-FE
4233 Mr. A. Jessa ASSOCIATE
3406 Mr. J.F. Joaquim ASS.member
392 Dr. A.F.B. Johannsen FELLOW
2030 Mr. K. Johannsen X-M
1168 Mr. A.C. Johnson ASS.member
1272 Mr. B. Johnson ASS.member
3282 Mr. P. Johnstone ASS.member
2090 Mr. T.F. Johnstone MEMBER
4191 Mr. M. Jonas ASSOCIATE
4169 Mr. S. Jonase ASSOCIATE
4226 Mr. R. Jones ASSOCIATE
3903 Mr.  F.A.  Jonker  MEMBER 
3428 Mr. M.R. Jooste ASS.member
3806 Mr. J. Jooste ASS.member
2367 Mr. F. Jooste MEMBER
3597 Mr. S.P. Jordaan MEMBER
3957 Mr. P. Joseph  MEMBER 
2578 Mr. F.F. Josling ASS.member
4082 Mr. J.N. Joubert ASSOCIATE
4234 Mr. N. Kadembo ASSOCIATE
3881 Mr. O. C. Kadewere  ASSOCIATE 
3135 Mr. S.N. Kadiri ASS.member
4088 Mr. B. Kaidza ASSOCIATE
4255 Mr. T.B. Kalua MEMBER
4001 Miss J. Kandayi  MEMBER 
4277 Mr. R.M.J Kappis ASSOCIATE
2592 Mr. H. Karsten MEMBER
3638 Mr.  S. Kasaval MEMBER
4006 Mr. J. Kaseke  MEMBER 
4244 Mr. V.L. Kekana MEMBER
2603 Mr. A.G. Kelfkens ASS.member
709 Mr. C.M. Kelly FELLOW
3614 Mr. D.P. Kempe ASS.member
706 Mr. P.A. Kempin X-M
1314 Mr. S. Kemsley MEMBER
3355 Mr. L.B. Kenosi MEMBER
3243 Mr. S.J. Kentshitswe MEMBER
2874 Mr. A.C. Kershaw MEMBER
4203 Mr. K. Khanyile ASSOCIATE
2054 Mr. M.H. Khoosal MEMBER
4186 Mr. S. Khumalo MEMBER
1592 Mr. J.R.D. Kidd X-M
915 Mr. E. Kiderlen X-FE
1524 Mr. S.G. Kimber MEMBER
3634 Mr. D.R. King Ass.member
4179 Mr. N.J. King MEMBER
3457 Mr. T.J.P. Kirton ASS.member
3073 Mr. G. Kleyn MEMBER
367 Mr. F.E. Kleyn X-FE
3683 Mr.  L. Kleyn MEMBER
762 Mr. B. Klijnstra X-A
1748 Mr. B.M. Klopper ASS.member
1739 Mr. D. Knight X-M
2295 Mr. C. Knottenbelt MEMBER
4281 Ms I.M. Koegelenberg ASSOCIATE
2765 Mr. J.C. Koen ASS.member
2762 Mr. R.A. Kok MEMBER
543 Mr. N. Konsolas X-FE
3502 Mr. J. Kotze Ass.member
3550 Mr. A. Kotze MEMBER
1985 Mr. J. Kraemer X-M
3671 Mr. J.F. Kriel ASS.member
3781 Mr. D.E. Kriel MEMBER
4185 Mr. M. Kritzinger ASSOCIATE
3570 Mr. V.D. Krouchev MEMBER
3409 Mr. R.K. Kruger ASS.member
2332 Mr. L.A. Kruger MEMBER
4246 Mr. F.C. Kruger MEMBER
3432 Mr. M.P. Kumbuyo ASS.member
2869 Mr. D.S. Kunneke MEMBER
3875 Mr. M. La Grange  MEMBER 
3652 Mr. C.B. La Reservee ASS.member
3241 Mr. M.A. Labuschagne ASS.member
4094 Mr. V. Laidet ASSOCIATE
2891 Mr. G.K. Laidlaw FELLOW
3444 Mr. R. Lamprecht MEMBER
4224 Mr. M. Lamprecht MEMBER
2280 Mr. U. Langenhorst MEMBER
3993 Mr. C.S. Lategan  ASSOCIATE 
1960 Mr. T.D. Laughton ASS.member
2962 Mr. M. Law ASS.member
3440 Mr. W.D. Le Roux ASS.member
2805 Mr. P. Le Roux FELLOW
3489 Mr. J.H. Le Roux MEMBER
3810 Mr. E.A.C. le Roux  MEMBER 
777 Mr. H.A. le Roux X-M
3960 Mr.  F.N. Le Roux  MEMBER 
3486 Mr. E.H. Le Roux du Preez MEMBER
3631 Mr M.C.dG. Leite MEMBER
3666 Mr. N.J. Lelimo ASS.member
3695 Mr. G.S. Lemmer MEMBER
3850 Mr. B. Lemos  ASSOCIATE 
2594 Mr. J. Lessing ASS.member
3978 Mr.  S.D. Lethetsa  ASSOCIATE 
3907 Mr. M.J. Letsoela  ASSOCIATE 
4183 Mr. S. Lewis ASSOCIATE
2494 Mr. L.P. Liebenberg MEMBER
4103 Mr. D. Lima Quesada MEMBER
1329 Mr. D. Lindhiem MEMBER
3611 Mr. L.P. Lindley MEMBER
3127 Mr. R. Llewellyn ASS.member
3245 Mr. H. Lloyd ASS.member
3617 Mr. I. Loader ASS.member
1128 Mr. F.A. Loffler ASS.member
2910 Mr. M.C. Logan ASS.member
2803 Mr. D.D. Logan X-M
4242 Mr. G. Lombard ASSOCIATE
2407 Mr. G.C. Lombard MEMBER
3495 Mr. D.A. Lombard MEMBER
3183 Ms. H. Lombard ASS.member
1814 Mr. S.G. Long ASS.member
1645 Mr. L.G.L. Lopes ASS.member
4295 Mrs. M. Lottering ASSOCIATE
3675 Mr.  J.W. Lotz MEMBER
4138 Mr. E. Loubser ASSOCIATE
4010 Mr. A.K. Louw  ASSOCIATE 
2476 Mr. C. Louw MEMBER
2690 Mr. D. Louw MEMBER
3166 Mr. M. Louw MEMBER
3654 Mr. E.H. Louw MEMBER
3507 Mr. C.A. Lu ASS.member
2354 Mr. T.A. Lubbe ASS.member
2966 Mrs. J.A. Lubbe MEMBER
684 Mr. R. Lumsden X-F
4022 Mr. L.L. Lund MEMBER
4213 Mr. N.R. Lutuka ASSOCIATE
4124 Mr. W.E. Mabizela MEMBER
4214 Mr. M.A. Mabunda ASSOCIATE
4143 Mr. M. Maccallum ASSOCIATE
3369 Mr. J.H.J. MacDonald MEMBER
2948 Mr. L. MacKenzie ASS.member
3588 Mr. C. Macquet-Maurel MEMBER
3259 Mr. P.V. Madala ASS.member
759 Mr. L.A. Madsen FELLOW
4122 Mr. C. Madzongwe MEMBER
4053 Mr. M.K. Mahlatji ASSOCIATE
4170 Mr. P.L. Majola ASSOCIATE
4245 Mr. T. Makhuvha MEMBER
4280 Mr. B. Makina ASSOCIATE
3670 Mr. P.G. Malan ASS.member
3994 Mr. X. Malghas  MEMBER 
4181 Mr. L. Mama ASSOCIATE
3644 Mr.  T.P. Manale ASS.member
2739 Mr. R.E. Manning ASS.member
3684 Mr. N.M. Maphakela MEMBER
3296 Mr. P.M. Marais ASS.member
3167 Mr. C.B. Marais MEMBER
3281 Mr. S.D. Marais MEMBER
3749 Mr. C.P. Marais MEMBER
603 Mr. E.C. Mardon X-M
1205 Mr. G.C. Mariette FELLOW
3645 Mr. E. Marini MEMBER
4248 Mr.  H. Marisa ASSOCIATE
2178 Mr. J.T. Marques ASS.member
4128 Mr. M. Marques ASSOCIATE
3380 Mr. T.S. Marshall MEMBER
4285 Mr. J. Marx ASSOCIATE
4071 Mr. L. Mashigo ASSOCIATE
4296 Mr. P. Mashiri MEMBER
3242 Mr. T.B. Maswanganyi MEMBER
3955 Mr. I.W.M. Mathe  ASSOCIATE 
3178 Mr. C. Mathopa ASS.member
3935 Mr. A.P. Mavhungu  MEMBER 
3763 Mr. S.S. Mazibuko MEMBER
4294 Mr. W.Z. Mbungele ASSOCIATE
4210 Mr. S. Mc Cleland ASSOCIATE
1439 Mr. N.V. McBride X-M
907 Mr. G.A. McCleland MEMBER
3699 Mr. C.G. McClure MEMBER
2384 Mr. J. McIntosh ASS.member
325 Mr. W.L. McKeown X-FE
2353 Mr. P.S. McLeod ASS.member
4135 Mr. T.F. McPherson MEMBER
4270 Mr.  T. Mdiniso ASSOCIATE
904 Mr. B.R. Meaker FELLOW
4171 Mr. W.S. Meikle ASSOCIATE
4112 Mrs. S.A. Merrington ASSOCIATE
3730 Mr A. Meyer MEMBER
2486 Prof. J.P. Meyer MEMBER
4074 Mr. D. Mgoqi ASSOCIATE
3656 Mr. P.T. Mhasho ASS.member
4268 Mr. K. Mhlongo ASSOCIATE
4267 Mr. D. Mhuru ASSOCIATE
1843 Mr. L.T. Michaelides MEMBER
3705 Mr K. Mienie ASS.member
905 Mr. M.J. Miller X-M
1678 Mr. M. Miller X-M
4155 Mr.  P.A. Minaar MEMBER
2875 Mr. N. Mitchell ASS.member
4000 Mr. C.R. Mitchell  ASSOCIATE 
1625 Mr. S. Mitchell MEMBER
676 Mr. J.J. Mitchell X-M
3616 Mr. A.S. Mndzebele ASS.member
3889 Mr. M.S.M. Mngomezulu  ASSOCIATE 
3480 Mr. J.M. Moabelo MEMBER
3832 Mr. S.A. Mocumi  MEMBER 
3544 Mr. M. Mokgothu Ass.member
3379 Mr. J.T. Molefe MEMBER
531 Mr. R.E. Moller X-FE
3733 Mr C. Möller ASS.member
4077 Ms. L.R.  Molokwane ASSOCIATE
1239 Mr. C.S. Molyneaux FELLOW
3059 Mr. E. Moodaley ASS.member
4034 Mr. L. Moodley ASSOCIATE
4177 Mr. P. Moodley ASSOCIATE
3804 Mr. T. Moodley MEMBER
3146 Mr. V.M. Moodliar ASS.member
839 Mr. R.G. Moolenschot MEMBER
3343 Mr. G.E. Moolman ASS.member
1610 Mr. D.C. Morkel MEMBER
4139 Mrs. N. Moss ASSOCIATE
4249 Mr. T. Motlhabi ASSOCIATE
682 K.R. Moulton MEMBER
3883 Mr. S.M. Mouton  MEMBER 
4237 Mr. S. Mpahliwa MEMBER
3680 Mr. W.B. Mpofu ASS.member
4256 Mr. N.G. Mpondo ASSOCIATE
4293 Mr. T. Mpshe ASSOCIATE
4118 Mr. R. Mthethwa ASSOCIATE
4278 Mr. M.R. Mthiyane ASSOCIATE
4050 Mr. A. Mudaly MEMBER
4209 Mr. L. Mugwagwa ASSOCIATE
3836 Mr. B. Mugwagwa  MEMBER 
4291 Mrs. S. Mulidi ASSOCIATE
3655 Mr. R.W. Mullen MEMBER
1889 Dr. G.A. Muller X-M
4166 Mr. R. Muller MEMBER
1071 Mr. O.J. Mulligan X-M
4109 Mr. B. Munamwe ASSOCIATE
4220 Mr.  T.A. Munateyi ASSOCIATE
4216 Mr. W. Munemo ASSOCIATE
3896 Mr. M.R. Munstermann  ASSOCIATE 
3657 Mr.  N. Munyika ASS.member
4005 Mr. T. Musachi  MEMBER 
3748 Mr. C. Musewe ASS.member
3478 Mr. R.N. Mushwana ASS.member
3660 Mr. R.T. Muya MEMBER
4238 Mr. J. Muza ASSOCIATE
4258 Mr.  D. Nadasen ASSOCIATE
4117 Mr. H.P. Nagel MEMBER
3150 Mr. P.M. Naicker ASS.member
2757 Mr. I. Naidoo ASS.member
3541 Mr. R. Naidoo Ass.member
2632 Mr. P.(Steve) Naidoo MEMBER
3651 Mr. A. Naidoo MEMBER
1397 Mr. B.P. Nair X-M
3934 Mr. P. Nanguia  ASSOCIATE 
4079 Mr. R. Naude ASSOCIATE
4289 Mr. Q. Naude ASSOCIATE
1373 Mr. P.J.L. Naude MEMBER
3120 Mr. V. Ncetani ASS.member
3802 Mr. N. Ndika MEMBER
4087 Mr. E. Ndongeni MEMBER
2512 Mr. H.J.B. Nel X-Am
834 Mr. D.C. Nelson X-Am
3560 Ms. P.P. Nematangale ASS.member
3914 Mr. G. Neumann  MEMBER 
4252 Mr. A. Ngalo ASSOCIATE
3865 Mr. Z.T.D. Ngoma  MEMBER 
4265 Mr. P. Ngwenya ASSOCIATE
4217 Mrs. W.B.T. Ngwenya ASSOCIATE
2913 Mr. M. Nicholls ASS.member
1096 Mr. L.E. Nicolopulos ASS.member
3407 Mr. C.R. Nicolson X-Am
4241 Mr. Z.J. Niemand ASSOCIATE
3808 Mr. N.D. Njoloza ASS.member
1540 Mr. L.W. North MEMBER
4272 Mr. T. Nsenga MEMBER
4121 Mr. K. Ntuli ASSOCIATE
3724 Mr. K. Nxumalo ASS.member
4190 Mr. P.F. Nyamunda ASSOCIATE
4300 Mr. D. Odayar ASSOCIATE
2922 Mr. J.D. Odendaal ASS.member
1453 Mr. J.J.M. O'Donoghue ASS.member
3949 Mr. B. O'Donoghue  ASSOCIATE 
3008 Mr. R.J. Oelofsen MEMBER
371 Mr. D.C.J. Oldfield X-FE
3992 Mr. V. Olivier  ASSOCIATE 
3884 Mr.  C.R. Olivier  MEMBER 
4275 Mr. C. Olsen ASSOCIATE
3515 Mr. H.J. Oosthuizen ASS.member
3983 Mr. E. Orru'  MEMBER 
3900 Mr. P.R.  Orso  MEMBER 
4011 Mr. E. Oswald MEMBER
356 Mr. B. Oudkerk X-FE
3965 Mr. G. Ownhouse  ASSOCIATE 
1346 Mr. G.J. Page MEMBER
3916 Mr. S. Palvi  ASSOCIATE 
3467 Mr. J. Parry MEMBER
4199 Mr.  K. Pather ASSOCIATE
3574 Mr. W.J. Paulsen MEMBER
2154 Mr. A.M. Payne MEMBER
3181 Mr. T.J. Pearce ASS.member
666 Mr. R.P.B. Pearce X-M
3288 Mr. M.B. Peel ASS.member
3257 Mr. A.S.M. Peer MEMBER
1644 Mr. N.B. Pengelly MEMBER
3517 Mr. N. Pereira ASS.member
1099 Mr. A. Perks FELLOW
3923 Mr. T. Perumal  ASSOCIATE 
4119 Mr. T. Peyios ASSOCIATE
3902 Mr.  C.L. Phalane  STUDENT 
3504 Mr. N.J. Phihlela Ass.member
3624 Mr. J.M. Pieterse MEMBER
3959 Mr. R.G. Pietersen  MEMBER 
4301 Mrs. R. Pillay ASSOCIATE
1180 Mr. B.G.C. Piras MEMBER
855 Mr. P.A. Pitout MEMBER
3607 Mr. S.C. Pollock ASS.member
2539 Mr. G.B. Porter ASS.member
1774 Mr. M.T. Pote X-M
4290 Miss H.D.C. Potgieter ASSOCIATE
2744 Mr. E.F. Potgieter ASS.member
4106 Mr. J.H.C. Potgieter MEMBER
1741 Mr. R.V. Pottinger ASS.member
1050 Mr. G.J. Potts X-M
2501 Mr. J.C. Pougnet MEMBER
4146 Mr. S. Powell ASSOCIATE
2894 Mr. B.P. Prestage MEMBER
3857 Mr. G.T. Pretorius  ASSOCIATE 
4257 Mr. P.W. Pretorius ASSOCIATE
2941 Mr. M.C. Pretorius MEMBER
3463 Mr. R. Pretorius MEMBER
3576 Mr. V. Pretorius MEMBER
3608 Mr. J. Pretorius MEMBER
3831 Mr. L.F. Pretorius  MEMBER 
4056 Mr. Z.C. Pretorius MEMBER
4297 Mr. J.J. Pretorius MEMBER
4108 Mr.  S. Pretorius ASSOCIATE
2298 Mr. D.J. Price ASS.member
1146 Mr. D.K. Procter X-M
3963 Mr. B. Quin  ASSOCIATE 
3291 Mr. E. Raad ASS.member
3315 Mr. R.J. Raad MEMBER
4136 Mr. K. Raath ASSOCIATE
707 Mr. E.D. Rademeyer X-M
4264 Mr, N. Ramjith ASSOCIATE
3930 Mr. N. Ramkissoon  MEMBER 
4049 Mr. V. Ramnarian ASSOCIATE
4039 Mr. N. Rana ASSOCIATE
2016 Mr. J.L. Rauch FELLOW
2925 Mr. C. Reddy ASS.member
3285 Mr. K.S. Reed MEMBER
4154 Mr. T. Reib ASSOCIATE
2883 Mr. R.M. Rennie  MEMBER
564 Mr. B.M. Richardson X-FE
3528 Ms. E.A. Richelmann ASS.member
2831 Mr. C.J. Richter MEMBER
4134 Mr. M.G. Rickard ASSOCIATE
1734 Mr. M. Rivarola MEMBER
3323 Mr. G. Roberts ASS.member
2914 Mr. B.H. Roberts MEMBER
3197 Mr. J.M. Roberts MEMBER
3290 Mr. J.A. Robertson ASS.member
1298 Mr. C. Robinson X-Am
3512 Mr. F.G. Rodo X-M
2189 Mr. I. Roelofse MEMBER
4114 Mr. J. Rohwer ASSOCIATE
2767 Mr. A.C. Ross MEMBER
3952 Mr. A. Rossouw  MEMBER 
2774 Mr. V. Rottaro X-Am
3497 Mr. G.A. Rouse MEMBER
2906 Mr. P. Roux ASS.member
3844 Mr. H.D. Roux  MEMBER 
4302 Mr.  J. Roy MEMBER
831 Mr. M.S. Rozanski X-Am
4095 Mr. S. Rudman ASSOCIATE
3842 Mr. S.B. Rudolph  ASSOCIATE 
3984 Mr. D.W. Rust  MEMBER 
1963 Mr. O.H. Saaiman MEMBER
4158 Mr. M. Salkow ASSOCIATE
4014 Mr. B. Sangaret ASSOCIATE
3279 Mr. A.J. Sansom ASS.member
4243 Mr. M.J. Sathekge ASSOCIATE
4201 Mr. D.J. Saunders ASSOCIATE
2481 Mr. R. Savvides MEMBER
3912 Mr. C.C.F. Schaap  MEMBER 
655 Mr. W.M.F. Schaefer X-Am
4129 Mr. B.F. Schlebusch ASSOCIATE
2333 Mr. K. Schlemmer ASS.member
1877 Mr. K. Schlosz ASS.member
3238 Mr. D. Schmidt MEMBER
3866 Mrs. M. Schmidt  MEMBER 
2924 Mr. C.W. Schnehage ASS.member
3605 Mr. S.M. Schoeman ASS.member
3293 Mr. N. Scholtz ASS.member
2334 Mr. A.L. Schoonraad X-Am
3203 Mr. S.I. Schreuder ASS.member
2015 Mr. R.H. Schulz ASS.member
4142 Mr. H.I. Schutte ASSOCIATE
3484 Mr. F.R.P. Schutte MEMBER
513 Mr. H.T.W. Schuurmans FELLOW
986 Mr. W.R. Scott FELLOW
4012 Mr. W. Seevinck MEMBER
4219 Mr. J.T. Selema ASSOCIATE
2450 Mr. O. Setton MEMBER
2551 Mr. P. Sewsunker MEMBER
3535 Mr. V. Shabangu MEMBER
3741 Mrs. K. Sharp ASS.member
1776 Mrs. K.A. Sharp MEMBER
1343 Mr. M.S. Shear X-M
389 Mr. J.H. Shephard X-FE
4105 Mr. P.J. Shepherd ASSOCIATE
530 Mr. M.R.S. Shepherd X-FE
4047 Mr.  B. Sieweke ASSOCIATE
3904 Ms C. Sikhondze  MEMBER 
1382 Mr. J.M. Simoes MEMBER
3078 Mr.PJCD de A Simoes ASS.member
3632 Mr. B.H. Sinclair Ass.member
4227 Mr. K. Singh ASSOCIATE
4229 Mr. A. Singh ASSOCIATE
4023 Mr. J. Sithole ASSOCIATE
743 Mrs. M. Slabber X-M
3961 Mr. R. Slabbert  MEMBER 
3527 Mr. J. Smal ASS.member
1034 Mr. B.D. Smeda X-Am
3165 Mr. F.J.J. Smit MEMBER
2376 Mr. P.J. Smit X-Am
2608 Mr. B.G. Smit X-M
3731 Mr R.C. Smith MEMBER
713 Mr. G. Smith ASS.member
1256 Mr. K.M. Smith ASS.member
1732 Mr. N.A.H. Smith ASS.member
3449 Mr. J.W. Smith ASS.member
3817 Mr. C. Smith  ASS.member 
4061 Mr. F.P.J. Smith ASSOCIATE
4096 Mr. M.J. Smith ASSOCIATE
532 Mr. D.T. Smith FELLOW
1929 Mr. P.G. Smith MEMBER
4207 Mr. H. Smith MEMBER
753 Mr. A.C. Smith X-Am
4221 Mr. D.R. Snyders ASSOCIATE
3722 Mr V. Snyman ASS.member
3014 Mr. M. Snyman MEMBER
3982 Mr.  E. Snyman  MEMBER 
1006 Mr. M.R.O. Spearpoint X-F
1262 Mr. D.G. Spence MEMBER
3542 Mr. G.Q. Spires Ass.member
1722 Mr. H.J. Spoormaker MEMBER
4259 Mr. M. Stadler ASSOCIATE
4211 Mr. M.M. Steele ASSOCIATE
3662 Mr. S.B. Steenkamp MEMBER
2816 Mr. D. Stefanov MEMBER
1428 Mr. J.L. Stevens X-M
3314 Mr. A.D. Stevenson ASS.member
3732 Mr A. Steyn MEMBER
3867 Mr. J.S.D. Steyn  ASSOCIATE 
2915 Mr. J.J. Steyn MEMBER
4111 Mr. A.P. Steyn MEMBER
3663 Mr.  W. Steyn MEMBER
779 Mr. P.B. Steynor X-FE
3402 Mr. C.C. Stilling MEMBER
4299 Mr. M.D. Stocks MEMBER
2814 Mr. M.L.S. Stokes MEMBER
460 Mr. A.E. Stone X-M
3301 Mr. P.J. Strachan X-Am
3555 Mr. A.J. Strauss MEMBER
3919 Mr. B. Strauss  MEMBER 
4084 Mr. N.I. Strydom ASSOCIATE
3725 Ms. D.L. Stuthridge ASS.member
3933 Mr.  A. Sullivan  ASSOCIATE 
3546 Mr. N. Surban Ass.member
3853 Mr. R. Sutherland  ASSOCIATE 
1891 Mr. F.M. Tafani ASS.member
3953 Mr. B. Takawira  ASSOCIATE 
1060 Mr. C.C. Talbot X-M
2284 Mr. R.J. Tapson MEMBER
2164 Mr. J. Taylor MEMBER
1133 Mr. A.M. Tessendorf X-M
3303 Mr. E.B.T. Thabethe ASS.member
606 Mr. W.S. Thacker X-A
4104 Mr. R.J. Thackery ASSOCIATE
3697 Miss P. Thangavaloo ASS.member
3493 Mr. E.J. Theron MEMBER
3950 Mr. H.G. Theunissen  ASSOCIATE 
2697 Mr. A.J. Theys ASS.member
4287 Mr. G. Thomaides ASSOCIATE
1008 Mr. C. Thomaides MEMBER
4037 Mr. H.H. Thomassen ASSOCIATE
3398 Mr. R.S. Thomsen (Jnr) ASS.member
3899 Mr. P.F. Thomson  ASSOCIATE 
2096 Mr. B.L. Thomson MEMBER
3604 Mr. J.M. Thornton ASS.member
313 Mr. A.P.G. Timm X-FE
1016 Mr. G.J. Titley X-M
4283 Mr. S.P. Tlabu ASSOCIATE
4059 Mr. C. Toomey ASSOCIATE
1864 Mr. S. Torrance X-M
2571 Mr. T. Towill MEMBER
4175 Mr. H. Townsend MEMBER
4020 Mr.  N.E. Trollip ASSOCIATE
1942 Mr. D. Truscott MEMBER
4269 Mr.  Y. Tsakeni ASSOCIATE
4251 Mr. M. Tshivhombela ASSOCIATE
3613 Mr. H. Tshuma MEMBER
4263 Mr. M. Tsindi ASSOCIATE
3713 Mr S. Turner MEMBER
3712 Mr  N. Turner MEMBER
999 Mr. C.C. Turner FELLOW
4097 Mr. A.E.K. Underwood ASSOCIATE
3481 Mr.  H. Vackier MEMBER
2460 Mr. G.J. Van Aarle ASS.member
379 Mr. G. Van Aarle X-FE
3711 Mr J.R.   Van den Berg X-M
3843 Mr. R. Van den Berg  ASSOCIATE 
4102 Mr. W. Van der Linde MEMBER
2982 Mr. R. Van der Merwe ASS.member
3505 Mr. M.J. Van der Merwe Ass.member
3601 Mr. R. Van der Merwe ASS.member
1557 Mr. C. Van der Merwe FELLOW
1626 Mr. C. Van Der Merwe MEMBER
2150 Mr. F.A. Van der Merwe MEMBER
2793 Mr. A.F. Van der Merwe MEMBER
3989 Mr. B.F.B Van der Merwe  MEMBER 
2952 Mr. C.N. Van Der Spuy ASS.member
847 Mr. A.J. Van der Walt FELLOW
1431 Mr. E. Van der Walt MEMBER
3974 Mr. C.P.P. Van Der Walt  MEMBER 
3509 Ms. A. Van Der Walt MEMBER
3728 Mr D.M. Van der Westhuizen MEMBER
2741 Mr. J.I. Van Deventer ASS.member
3233 Mr. T. Van Dijk MEMBER
810 Mr. D. Van Es MEMBER
3595 Mr. J. Van Greuning ASS.member
4018 Mr. W.S. Van Heerden ASSOCIATE
2200 Mr. J.J. Van Lint X-M
2530 Mr. J.L. Van Loggerenberg MEMBER
789 Mr. F.L. Van Muylwyk X-Am
3465 Mr. C. Van Niekerk ASS.member
4083 Mr. D. van Niekerk ASSOCIATE
4151 Mr. E. Van Niekerk ASSOCIATE
4130 Mr. M.H. Van Niekerk MEMBER
253 Mr. H.J. Van Niekerk X-FE
2637 Mr. M. Van Onselen ASS.member
2639 Mr. T.J. Van Onselen ASS.member
1429 Mr. A.F. Van Schie X-M
4292 Mr. T.L. Van Stryp ASSOCIATE
3962 Mr. L. Van Vuuren  ASSOCIATE 
3468 Mr. C. Van Wyk ASS.member
3931 Mr. G.M. van Wyk  ASSOCIATE 
4076 Mr. D. Van Zyl ASSOCIATE
3938 Mr. G.P. Van Zyl MEMBER
2843 Mr. S.R. Vass MEMBER
4178 Mr. M. Vaughan ASSOCIATE
3890 Mr. J.A. Veldon  ASSOCIATE 
1920 Mr. R. Venn ASS.member
3807 Mr. M. Venter ASS.member
3643 Mr.  G. Vermaak ASS.member
3967 Mr.  D. Vermaak  ASSOCIATE 
4153 Mr. L.A. Vermeulen ASSOCIATE
3610 Mr. P. Vermeulen MEMBER
3682 Mr. C.J. Vermeulen MEMBER
4060 Mr. F. Verster ASSOCIATE
4235 Mr. L. Vieira ASSOCIATE
3106 Mr. D.W. Viljoen MEMBER
3450 Mr.  M. Viljoen MEMBER
2844 Mr. A. Visser ASS.member
4167 Mr. R. Visser ASSOCIATE
4188 Mr. K. Vogel ASSOCIATE
1506 Mr. B.S. Volk ASS.member
2238 Mr. D. Von der Fecht MEMBER
3436 Mr. B. Vuletic MEMBER
1852 Mr. C. Wagner ASS.member
1758 Mrs. A. Wake FELLOW
2361 Mr. M.C. Walker ASS.member
3139 Mr. G. Wallace ASS.member
3244 Mr. H.W.J. Wallace ASS.member
3585 Mr. J.C. Wallace ASS.member
3985 Mr. M. Wallenda  ASSOCIATE 
1879 Mr. L.G. Waller ASS.member
3972 Mr. B.J. Wallett  MEMBER 
533 Mr. D.T.C. Ward FELLOW
2035 Mr. D.N. Watters X-Am
4208 Mr. D. Wayire ASSOCIATE
3665 Mr. S.R. Webb ASS.member
1391 Mr. B.G. Webb X-M
2170 Mr. J.P. Wedgwood MEMBER
3780 Mr. C. Wei MEMBER
895 Mr. F.B. Wessels X-M
3937 Mr. A. West MEMBER
4254 Mr. S. White ASSOCIATE
2234 Mr. A.G. Whitfield ASS.member
3854 Mr. T. Whitfield  ASSOCIATE 
1494 Mr. J. Wibbelink MEMBER
3987 Mr. G.S. Wiffen  MEMBER 
4085 Mr. A.A. Willemse ASSOCIATE
3847 Mr. J. Williams  ASSOCIATE 
4045 Mr. D.J. Williams ASSOCIATE
1184 Mr. R.E. Williams MEMBER
3209 Mr. A. Williamson ASS.member
3716 Mr L.D. Wilson MEMBER
1824 Mr. I.F. Wilson ASS.member
3828 Mr. I.A. Wingrove  MEMBER 
3688 Ms. K.M. Wolhuter ASS.member
3044 Mr. P.N. Woollatt ASS.member
3529 Mr. W.E. Woytech X-M
3376 Mr. B. Wright ASS.member
1815 Mr. K.P. Wright MEMBER
1574 Mr. B.A. Wright X-M
1866 Mr. D.R. Wubbeling ASS.member
4125 Mr. M. Wynn ASSOCIATE
3668 Mr. L.M. Xolimbila ASS.member
3212 Mr. C.A. Yorke MEMBER
1810 Mr. D.T. Zdanow FELLOW
4030 Mr. F.G. Ziemkendorf ASSOCIATE
271 Mr. A.B. Ziervogel X-A