Student R150.00
Associate R770.00
Associate member R830.00
Member R830.00
Fellow R920.00


Associate members are those Associates who joined before 1/7/2011.

FINAL DUE DATE: Fees are payable in advance. Final payment date of the 2016/17 fee
is 30 September 2016. If not received by this date and without notification as to the reason for non payment, membership is automatically cancelled.

If date of application is between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2017
Students: R 150.00
All other Grades i.e. Associate and Member: R 830.00
Any applicant becoming a member (date of certificate) from 1 April to 30 June, will not be liable for fees until 1 July of next year.

FEES FOR REJOINING (members who were excluded for non payment of fees)
To rejoin AND to maintain the original membership number and original date of joining
AND receive a new certificate the applicant has to pay: R 1 660.00

The cost of a replacement certificate for a member in good standing (fees paid up): R90.00


Draw cheques in favour of SAIRAC and post to:
SAIRAC, c/o P O Box 517, MILNERTON, South Africa 7435


Bank : ABSA
Account No. : 0711201432
Account Name : SAIRAC
Account Type : Current Account
Branch : Milnerton (in Cape Town)
Branch Code : 630-509
Reference : Membership Number and Name of Member

Many members still make payment into the incorrect bank account and we ask that the account number be carefully checked when effecting payment.


Kindly fax a copy of the deposit slip as proof of payment to J Ackermann
at fax No +27 21 552 1592 or email:
Please be reminded that without a proper reference on your deposit your payment could go unallocated, eventually resulting in cancellation of your membership.




  • C.P.D points
  • Professional recognition
  • Technical Data CD
  • Free monthly RACA Journal
  • Enrichment courses
  • Reduced ECSA annual membership fees
  • Monthly Technical talks and meetings
  • Reduced costs of attending Educational courses
  • Networking
  • Functions, social events.
  • Opportunity to advertise your Company on our website Directory Listing
  • Reduced cost of Technical Data Manual
  • Reduced cost of ASHRAE publications
  • Reduced cost of FRIGAIR Conferences
  • Awards
  • Exposure to international speakers




Sadly during the past year the following members passed away and may they long be remembered for their contribution towards our industry and Institute:

  • Mr J Mitchell - Cape Town – Membership Number 52
  • Dr N J Nachenius - Cape Town – Membership Number 105
  • Mr T R Visagie - Cape Town – Membership Number 337
  • Mr Dough Locket - Cape Town – Membership Number 554
  • Mr R I Hume - Johannesburg – Membership Number 1162
  • Mr P A J Kohler - Johannesburg – Membership Number 3905


Dates & Venues of Council Meetings

  • 29th August 2014 - Port Elizabeth
  • 21st November 2014 - Johannesburg
  • 6th March 2015 - Port Elizabeth
  • 5th June 2015 – Frigair 2015 


Membership increased by a nett 5%

  • 1 Aug 2015 % change
  • Student 2 0
  • Associate 219 +25
  • Associate member 314 +1
  • Member 433 +1
  • Fellow 61 -1
  • Total 1029

The geographic distribution of membership as 1 August 2015:

  • Cape Town 28%
  • Johannesburg 43%
  • Durban 17%
  • Port Elizabeth 11%
  • Foreign 1%

Of the 1029 members 9,5% are exempt from paying membership fees in accordance with clause 8e of the Constitution. Members over the age of 65 and those with 20 years of membership and over the age of 60 years are reminded of this provision.

SAIRAC membership remains a small percentage of the total number of persons active in the air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration sector in South Africa.
Our challenge remains to increase our membership so as to be more representative of the industry. At present a survey is being conducted to assess the number of persons with hands on skills active in the industry and this should give some indication of the potential membership of SAIRAC.

The percentage of ladies in our membership remains low and it is encouraging to report that although few in numbers they are strong supporters of centre events. With more lady speakers addressing centre meetings it is hoped that our Institute will encourage more to become members and play an active role in the management of SAIRAC




The web site has been modernised and now includes advertising which has added to the income of the General fund of National Council.
A new payment system is being investigated to allow members to pay annual membership fees or purchase items eg Data CD or pay for training courses or social events via the web site. This system will automatically make payments to the correct bank account and provide the required allocation. Payments via the web site will drastically cut back on administration and the time presently being wasted on correcting payments made to the incorrect bank account or tracing EFT payments made without any reference




The Frigair 2015 exhibition has been hailed as setting new records in exhibition space and visitor attendance. The change in venue to Gallagher Estate was also welcomed by many industry role players.

The four ASHRAE workshops attracted full attendance at each and has laid the foundation for many more similar workshops to be held in South Africa. Those that attended the workshops, had the added benefit of being credited with CPD points towards their professional registration.

Thanks goes to the committee members who manned the SAIRAC stand during Frigair 2015 and to those that attended the reception on the Thursday evening. The promotional value of the SAIRAC booth was further boosted by the many new applications for membership that were received during the 3 days.

SAIRAC extends sincere thanks to the generous contribution of R349,723-00 received from the Frigair 2015 organisers. As with previous such contributions, the funds will be used in SAIRAC’s education and promotional program.




The SAIRAC video, which was produced in 2012, was recently made available via the internet to all members for a wider use to encourage newcomers to follow a career path in the HERVAC sector. The viewing of the video at schools, technical colleges and institutions, continues to generate keen interest in our industry. With each viewing one tends to observe something new about the many career opportunities that exist in the wide field of refrigeration. Centres are reminded to view the CD at schools and colleges in their area, on a regular basis, to attract young people to a career path in our industry.




The RACA Journal has continued its important role as the official publication of SAIRAC. Members are requested to keep the publishers informed of any changes in their electronic contact details as the distribution is no longer fully reliant on the SA postal services.

Members are encouraged to send news worthy items to RACA as this will add to an already prestigious publication.

The Council is also appreciative of the monthly royalty received from the publishers, Interact Media Defined. The royalty is well applied meeting the operating expenses of Council.




The national governance of SAIRAC remains reliant on the voluntary services and dedication of Council members. The rightful role of SAIRAC in dealing with legislators, government departments, international associations, SABS and industry role players on all matters relating to HERVAC, requires the employment of a general manager. The pace of changes taking place in technology and the many challenges facing our industry, warrant the appointment of a General Manager within the next 12 months and it is hoped that the recommendation will have the full support of the National Council




Each Centre continues a diverse program of technical meetings, enrichment courses and social events. Technical meetings, that address issues around new generation refrigerants and changes in industry legislation, have attracted high attendance numbers. Centres are encouraged to continue with SAIRAC’s important role of keeping its members and the industry informed of technological and regulatory changes.




Few words can express the heartfelt thanks for the support and time consuming efforts by the members who have served on National Council during the past year. There are always those that go the extra mile and give far more than just merely attending Council meetings. Without their input, SAIRAC would struggle to survive in the present economy.

  • G Laidlaw (Vice President)
  • P le Roux (Treasurer)
  • S Naidoo (Kwa-Zulu Natal Chariman)
  • G Arnold (Gauteng Chairman)
  • S Friedmann (Cape Town Chairman)
  • B Magwagwa (Port Elizabeth Chairman)

The administrative support by our National Secretary, Marlene Gamble has once again played an important role towards arranging Council meetings, making travel arrangements, processing of new memberships and keeping abreast with the many changes in members personal data. On behalf of all our members, a sincere thank you to Marlene.




In handing over the office of President for the 2015/16 year, I extend my congratulations and full support of our new president, Mr Grant Laidlaw. May the year ahead stimulate further growth of our Institute and enrich the services to all our members.

The ongoing support of our members across South Africa, has brought to close the 63rd year of SAIRAC as a successful milestone. The role of SAIRAC revolves around its members and I encourage ALL members to become active

PPJohn Ackermann
John Ackermann
2014 – 2015