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The following list of standards are produced by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

This is a short list of the standards applicable to refrigeration and air-conditioning installations and is by no means comprehensive. Click here to download.



This is drawn from the SABS catalogue of July 2013.

  • Designation is SANS and no longer SABS and number. All drawings and references should refer to the SANS designation.
  • The title is the standard title and offers no further explanation as is detailed in the standard itself.
  • The year refers to the latest year either issued, reissued, or amended.
  • The edition refers to any alteration that took place and users should refer to the edition number.


Readers are reminded that changes are constantly being made to standards. It is, therefore, important to keep up to date by referring to the website.

For more details and costs call SABS (012) 429-7911 or visit

In South Africa, we also make use of standards produced byAmerican Society of Heating Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).



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