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SAIRAC PE gets practical with psychrometric chart

During the SAIRAC Port Elizabeth centre’s April technical talk, attendees learnt more about ‘The Practical Application of the Psychometric Chart’ from Cliff Wagner of Kovco.

The meeting took place on 19 April at the V&A Guest House in Walmer where Wagner got to work showing how simple it can be to use a psychrometric chart to manually calculate the same thermodynamic data that is obtained from a computer program.

“With the understanding of a few basic thermodynamic values and processes, it will be illustrated how the use of the psychrometric chart can be de-mystified and simply applied for practical purposes,” said Wagner in his presentation.

AP00 3
New associate member, L Dearlove (left) with chairman, Deon Schmidt.

“The psychrometric chart has been around for longer than computers were even thought of,” he said. “You can be guaranteed that if data from a computer differs from the psychrometric chart, the computer will be wrong. After all, the design data used to create the computer program is taken from the psychrometric chart.”

AP00 2
SAIRAC PE centre chairman, Deon Schmidt (right) handing a small token of appreciation to speaker Cliff Wagner.

In his presentation, he showed, among other things, how using a random computerised cooling coil data selection sheet as a reference, you can use the psychrometric chart to manually calculate and verify the accuracy of selected specified data.

AP00 1
Cliff Wagner of Kovco presenting his ‘The Practical Application of the Psychometric Chart’ talk.

Wagner started in the refrigeration industry when he joined Centurator in 1983. He joined Kovco in 1995, where he has been for the past 23 years.

During the technical meeting, a certificate was also handed to new associate member, L Dearlove.


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