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FRIGAIR free-to-attend seminars confirmed

SAIRAC will be hosting three days of free-to-attend seminars during FRIGAIR in June, featuring local and international industry experts — so make sure you diarise these important sessions now!

The official programme outline is as follows:

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Time Speaker Title  Topic
10:00 Marius La Grange Manufacturing manager at Energy Partners Refrigeration Solutions Review of application tools to make accurate line sizing of a refrigeration system
11:00 John Ackermann Chairman of SARDA The impact of the Montreal Protocol on RAC will last for decades
12:00 Ron Burns Business development manager at Qfire Dot Engineering Smoke barriers — why they are critical, and EN 12101:1
13:00 Erick Melquiond President of Eurovent Certita Certification Understanding European certification and labelling for HVAC&R products
14:00 Barney Richardson Director of SARACCA Registration of authorised refrigeration gas practitioners

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Time Speaker Title  Topic
10:00 Francesco Scuderi

Deputy Secretary General of Eurovent Association

An insight towards the European regulatory timeframe for HVAC&R products and the work of the Eurovent Association
11:00 Amir Naqvi Strategy and business development manager for EMEA at Honeywell Refrigerant alternatives to R22
12:00 Carsten Dahlgaard Senior director sales for Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Danfoss The formula for efficiency in hot gas defrosting within industrial refrigeration; effective and cost-efficient hot gas defrost methods; and future trends in industrial refrigeration
13:00 Dawie Kriel Director of Energy Partners NRGP Refrigeration Refrigeration outsourcing
14:00 Charel Marais Lecturer at ACRA Ducting installation: good practice and applicable standards

Friday, 8 June 2018

Time Speaker Title Topic
10:00 Wynand Groenewald Head of engineering at Commercial Refrigeration Services Global trends in CO2 refrigeration systems
11:00 Grant Laidlaw President of SAIRAC New QCTO qualifications for artisans in the air-conditioning and refrigeration sectors
12:00 Jaco Botha CEO of Solareff Energy storage — an enabling and disruptive technology that is changing the energy landscape

Wednesday, 6 June


Marius La Grange
Presenter: Marius La Grange
(manufacturing manager at Energy Partners Refrigeration Solutions)

Bio: La Grange is responsible for market, product, and process development. He has a master’s degree in Business Administration (specialising in executive management), providing insight into organisational functioning.

He has worked with the GIZ before, installing the PnP Strand commercialised R717/R744 cascaded type subcritical system. La Grange has a strong desire to develop younger talent in our industry and he has developed training material to contribute towards the training of tradespeople and engineers.

Presentation title: Review of application tools to make accurate line sizing of a refrigeration system.

Abstract: With most commercial and industrial refrigeration systems requiring extensive reticulation as part of the installation, what is required for the design and selection process of the line sizes in each case. This would primarily cover the discharge line sizing from a compressor to a condenser — drain line from the condenser to the liquid receiver — liquid line to expansion device — suction line back to the compressor.

The purpose of the session is to assist people involved with planning and design to gain further insight and practical application of the basics for doing reticulation accurately and to save costs with a fully functional system..


John Ackermann
Presenter: John Ackermann
(chairman of SARDA)

Bio: Ackermann started his career in the refrigeration industry as a University of Cape Town mechanical engineering graduate in 1970. Until 1986, he was employed by various large refrigeration and air-conditioning corporations such as Grenco (now GEA), Afrox, Airco Engineering, Howden Holima, and Centurator.

In 1986, he started his own consulting business in refrigerated distribution and in 1987, he published the first issue of The Cold Link newspaper as its owner/editor. Ackermann has been a member of the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC) since 1975 and has served as president.

As the editor of The Cold Link for 28 years (now Cold Link Africa) and as president of the Southern African Refrigerated Distribution Association (SARDA) since its founding in 1991, Ackermann has networked with all sectors of the economy that use refrigeration by serving on industry committees, presenting talks, and having close liaison with international associations (IARW, IIR, IIAR) and assignments with GIZ. He has close relations with the Department of Environmental Affairs on the implementation of the Montreal Protocol (MP) and has undertaken assignments for UNIDO in this regard.

Presentation title: The impact of the Montreal Protocol on HVAC&R will last for decades.

Abstract: The MP, signed in 1987, redefined the future landscape of HVAC&R installations. Prior to the MP, the attention given to the environmental impact of HVAC&R systems was minimal and the selection of refrigerant for installations was based mostly on cooling duty and safety considerations. Although safety is still of prime concern, the choice of refrigerant is vastly different and given much more attention by design engineers and plant operators.

The search for the ‘silver bullet’ refrigerant with the least impact on the environment, directly and indirectly, will continue for decades to come. As a signatory to the MP and part of the global economic community, South Africa is committed to a reduction in the carbon footprint of all HVAC&R systems in whatever application or configuration. We address the practical implications of the MP and other international environmental agreements on HVAC&R design engineers, service technicians, and plant operators.


Ron Burns
Presenter: Ron Burns
(business development manager at Qfire Dot Engineering)

Bio: Burns has 30 years of practical experience in air movement, specialising in smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems, having successfully been involved in all aspects of design, supply, and commissioning of smoke ventilation systems within South Africa. Some projects Burns has been involved with include the Galleria Shopping Centre, Mall of Africa, basement smoke clearance at the V&A Waterfront Cape Town, and the Botswana Innovation Hub. Burns was a member of the development team for the EN 12101-compliant Orion ventilator.

Burns’s goal is to advance the smoke ventilation industry in new developments, allowing complete application of the new SANS 10400 building code and the EN 12101 code of practice, as adopted by SANS 10400. He is a contributor writer for the RACA Journal. Burns also offers courses to demystify the application of the EN 12101 code.

Presentation title: Smoke barriers — why they are critical, and EN 12101:1.

Abstract: Smoke barriers are the simplest smoke control requirement. They consume the lowest engineering knowledge and input, and they are the most visible element in a smoke control system. Yet, they remain the most overlooked and disrespected component. Incorrectly positioned, spur of the moment development meeting adjustments to adjust “this unsightly and aesthetically unpleasing” component can have the same catastrophic effect on the smoke control system as an incorrectly installed electrical reticulation system to smoke extraction fans.


Erick Melquiond
Presenter: Erick Melquiond
(president of Eurovent Certita Certification)

Bio: Graduated of the INSA Toulouse, Melquiond began his career in France in the services division of ABB, before moving to Canada where he managed the drive and rotating machines activities. He then took responsibility for sales for the American continent, moving on to production and a general management position in the high-voltage polymeric insulators industry.

Back in France in 1998, he joined a large American manufacturer in the HVAC&R sector, where he led service activities and joined the European team for long-term missions in England and Denmark. Melquiond joined Eurovent Certita Certification in 2009 and is now president of the company.

Presentation title: Understanding European certification and labelling for HVAC&R products.

Abstract: As one of the leading experts in this field worldwide, Melquiond will provide an in-depth introduction to certification, labelling, and what it involves. Among other things, he will outline the benefits of certification and what to consider when relying on it. He will also offer an introduction to ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’, tailor-made for local engineering and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) consultants.


Barney Richardson
Presenter: Barney Richardson
(director of SARACCA)

Bio: Richardson is the director of the South African Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association (SARACCA) and sits on various other boards within the HVAC industry, including the South African Qualifications and Certifications Committee for Gas (SAQCC) Gas.

Presentation title: Registration of authorised refrigeration gas practitioners.

Abstract: The requirements of the Pressure Equipment Regulations, which form part of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 (Act No. 85 of 1993). An authorised person defined in the regulations means a person who is registered as competent within the scope of work for which an organisation approved by the chief inspector has registered that person. The Department of Labour has mandated SAQCC Gas to achieve this registration. The categories of registration and the training and assessment criteria will be discussed.

Thursday, 7 June


Francesco Scuderi
Presenter: Francesco Scuderi
(deputy secretary general of Eurovent Association Certification)

Bio: Scuderi holds a master’s degree in electrical energy engineering from the University of Catania. Before starting at Eurovent in 2015, Scuderi worked for the EPTA Group (a global industry leader specialising in commercial refrigeration), gradually progressing to being in charge of the Group Regulatory Affairs and IP. Later on, he became the convenor of the ISO/TC86/SC7/WG2 and CEN/TC44/WG6 ‘Commercial beverage coolers and ice-cream freezers’. Having specialised in European legislation, Scuderi, one of the European leading experts in the refrigeration field, joined Eurovent as technical and regulatory affairs manager for the heating and cooling department, as well as horizontal issues such as energy labelling, the f-gas regulation, and market surveillance. In May 2017, he was appointed Eurovent Association deputy secretary general.

Presentation title: An insight towards the European regulatory timeframe for HVAC&R products and the work of the Eurovent Association.

Abstract: An introduction to the European regulatory timeframe for HVAC&R products as well as to the technical standards covering those products. The European seasonal efficiency approach for HVAC&R products and how other countries like South Africa can make use of this approach. Among other things, he will also elaborate on the needs of the European industry and how Eurovent supports it both in and outside Europe.


Amir Naqvi
Presenter: Amir Naqvi
(strategy and business development manager for EMEA at Honeywell)

Bio: Naqvi is the strategy and business development manager for EMEA for Honeywell and has expertise in strategic marketing, commercial development, government relationship, channel management, key account management, strategic alliance build-up, and project management. His industry experience includes refrigerants, speciality additives for plastics and coatings, polyurethanes, speciality gases, construction chemicals, food and nutrition, pharmaceuticals, laboratory reagents, and clean technologies.

Presentation title: Alternative refrigerants to R22.

Abstract: R22 is a high-capacity refrigerant employed in many medium- and low-temperature refrigeration systems. End users work to comply with present regulations, as well as to reduce their carbon footprint. Existing refrigeration equipment may need to be replaced or retrofitted with an alternative refrigerant. The selection of a retrofit refrigerant depends, in part, upon the retrofit objectives, which may include factors such as efficiency, first cost, regulatory compliance, and capacity. By following equipment manufacturers’ recommendations and Honeywell’s guidelines, service technicians can readily retrofit many existing R22 and R404A systems with the refrigerant gases Honeywell has on offer, including R407F and R448A.


Carsten Dahlgaard
Carsten Dahlgaard
(senior director sales for Europe, Middle East, and Africa at Danfoss)

Bio: Dahlgaard has a master’s degree in Marine Engineering with a primary focus on engineering materials. He has 27 years within the refrigeration industry, which includes being branch manager for an industrial refrigeration contractor; senior director sales: Asia; global marketing director; sales manager for industrial refrigeration and OEMs; sales engineer; technical service support; installation manager for a refrigeration contractor; as well as a marine engineer. Dahlgaard has been with Danfoss Cooling for 18 years.

Presentation title: The formula for efficiency in hot gas defrosting within industrial refrigeration; effective and cost-efficient hot gas defrost methods; and future trends in industrial refrigeration.

Abstract: Hot gas defrosting methods for evaporators in industrial systems. The focus is on defrosting methods for ammonia air coolers in overfeed systems, especially concentrating on the liquid drain method and its benefits compared to the pressure control method. It also introduces a new defrost solution from Danfoss, leveraging the benefits of the liquid drain method. Recommendations are provided on how to achieve effective and cost-efficient defrost systems, taking into account key design requirements and safety considerations, ensuring the optimal defrost solution for the industry.


Jaco Botha
Presenter: Jaco Botha
(CEO of Solareff)

Bio: Co-founder and CEO of Solareff, Botha is a professional electrical engineer with many years’ experience in renewable energy projects. He has consulted extensively in the renewable energy sector and was appointed in a technical advisory role on a large independent power producer project. He has experience in multi-disciplinary engineering design (including electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, civil, and structural) and has commissioned solar PV systems of various sizes across a number of sectors, including commercial and industrial rooftop and mining.

Botha is actively involved with various industry bodies, previously serving as an industry advisor to the Eskom Renewable Energy Grid Code Committee, and currently serving on the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA)’s grid access and embedded generation subcommittee.

Presentation title: Energy storage — an enabling and disruptive technology that is changing the energy landscape.

Abstract: Grid capacity shortage has become a major constraining factor to business growth within South Africa. Recent technological improvements within energy storage have resulted in lower costs of battery solutions, which are proving to be financially viable — creating exciting new possibilities for businesses! We examine the case of a hardware store that was unable to build their new store, as the utility did not have capacity to provide their required daytime load. They successfully overcame the utility supply limitations through the implementation of a solar PV and battery solution integrated with diesel generators.

Botha will explore the levelised cost of energy (LCOE) of various alternatives, including the cost implications of larger rooftop versus medium rooftop installations, the additional costs of adding storage capacity through battery solutions, the impact on energy (operational) costs for businesses, as well as the risks and benefits of implementing solar PV solutions.


Charel Marais
Presenter: Charel Marais
(lecturer at ACRA)

Bio: Marais undertook an apprenticeship and qualified as a refrigeration technician at the Olifantsfontein training centre and as an electrician at the Metal and Engineering Industries Education and Training Board. He is qualified as both a professional engineering technician and a SAQCC Gas inspector for commercial air conditioning and refrigeration. Marais is a member of the SAIRAC Johannesburg committee and a member of the SABS committee for ducting. He is currently working at ACRA training academy as a lecturer.

Presentation title: Ducting installation: good practice and applicable standards.

Abstract: The important aspects of ducting installation, including supports and manufacturing. Adherence to relevant quality standards for both manufacturing and installation. Insulation and application thereof as well as duct work commissioning, including pressure testing and inspection procedures.

Friday, 8 June


Wynand Groenewald
Presenter: Wynand Groenewald
(head of engineering at Commercial Refrigeration Services)

Bio: Groenewald holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. His thesis ‘A techno-economical of a CO2 heat pump’ was the first thesis on the subject of CO2 in Africa. He joined CRS in 2010 and played an integral part in the development of Africa’s first CO2 transcritical refrigeration system. He holds the position as head of engineering, where his team strives to reach higher frontiers within the development and implementation of natural refrigerants.

Presentation title: Global trends in refrigeration systems.

Abstract: Global trends on CO2 refrigeration systems being used in the market. Experiences and views on the operation of these systems under different ambient conditions. Future of natural refrigerants such as CO2 according to phase-out legislations and uptake in the market. Possibilities and differences between using CO2 as an alternative refrigerant to HCFCs.


Grant Laidlaw
Presenter: Grant Laidlaw
(president of SAIRAC)

Bio: Laidlaw is the owner of the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy (ACRA) in Edenvale. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and an associate degree in educational administration. He has a National Technical Diploma and completed an apprenticeship with Transnet. He has dual-trades status: refrigeration and electrical. He has been involved with SAIRAC for 17 years and has been a Johannesburg committee member for the past eight (chairman in 2011 and 2012). Currently, he is the treasurer (Johannesburg council) as well as president (national council) of SAIRAC.

Presentation title: New Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) qualifications for artisans in the air-conditioning and refrigeration sectors.

Abstract: New qualifications, their rationale, and curriculums for the trades air conditioning and refrigeration mechanic. The new education system, qualifications, roles, and responsibilities of the various stakeholders will be discussed. A detailed look at the qualification design, specialised areas (ammonia and CO2), and part qualifications. The new trade testing model and the implications thereof will receive detailed attention. This presentation will be of interest to all who operate in the HVAC&R sector.


Dawie Kriel 200x252
Presenter: Dawie Kriel
(director of Energy Partners NRGP Refrigeration)

Bio: Dawie Kriel holds a masters in Mechanical Engineering, specialising in thermodynamics and refrigeration from Stellenbosch University. At Energy Partners NRGP Refrigeration, he is responsible for the life cycle cost optimisation of energy assets for large energy users; industrial and commercial refrigeration systems design and energy optimisation; industrial ventilation and climate control systems; food processing facility design; and plant maintenance. Previously he was the managing director of MGC Industrial Projects, and was involved in other companies including Aruba Cooling and MBB Consulting Engineers.

Presentation title: Refrigeration outsourcing

Abstract: This presentation discusses this relatively new concept, but which is already gaining ground and has many positives for the industry. Refrigeration outsourcing is a ‘full maintenance’ and ‘leasing’ option that allows the business owner to focus on their core business whilst outsourcing your non-core activities without using financial facilities or capital at a fixed monthly cost or a ‘pay as you use’ cooling sales model. This concept is used extensively in most first world countries and is on the increase in South Africa as business practice seems to be changing from ownership to full maintenance leasing.

See you there

All presentations will take place inside FRIGAIR Hall 5 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. As mentioned, all seminars are free. We look forward to seeing you there!



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