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ACRA (Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Academy)

SAIRAC visits Evapco

For its first site visit of the year, the Johannesburg SAIRAC committee organised an informative outing to the Evapco manufacturing facility in Kempton Park, Johannesburg.

A total of 11 people attended the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC) Johannesburg centre’s excursion that took place on 13 March and everyone agreed that the day was very interesting.

The day kicked off with Richard Mullen of Evapco showing everyone an information video about the company and its production. After enjoying some light refreshments, participants made their way to the Evapco workshop where Marius du Preez explained to them the various steps involved in building the evaporative coolers.

EV001 2The process started with will the coil line, where they showed the cutting, bending and stacking of coils. They then the welding of headers and spacers before moving onto the welding of coils. In the process, visitors were also showed the butt welding as coils are joined.

Finally, the coils, once completed go into the testing bath to ensure there are no leaks. Completed coils are sent for galvanizing. On their return from galvanizing the coils are again inspected and photographed for record purposes. Condenser coils are also third party inspected by quality services. Visitors experienced all these steps first hand.

Everyone then moved onto the sheet metal section where the cutting, bending, spinning and welding of the sheet metal was seen. Each process is specialised to ensure accuracy and quality for the final stage of assembly.

The assembly team then showed guests how the final stage of production is done, including the spray painting and skidding of the units.

After the completion of the tour, visitors returned to the boardroom for more refreshments.

SAIRAC Johannesburg centre is planning more site visits later in the year – we’ll keep you posted. Watch this space.

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