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This time it was SAIRAC Cape Town’s turn to learn all about ebm-papst’s improvements to its AxiCool fan range at its monthly technical meeting in September.

The Cape Town centre of the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC) held its monthly technical meeting on 19 September. The event was well-attended and the talk considered successful.

The presentation was done by Steven Friedman of ebm-papst who delivered a similar talk to the Johannesburg SAIRAC centre in July. Friedmann talked about the new generation ebm-papst 500–800mm AxiCool fans, looking at the new improvements and various efficiency enhancements in the new models. He talked about application and functionality and looked at the various components of the fan, one at a time. He also brought a sample 500mm-fan along for guests to play with.

Afterwards, guests and members could enjoy the ebm-papst-sponsored the snacks and drinks.

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