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SAIRAC combines AGM and Christmas in July

Xmas00 2

From left: Jaco Pieterse, Anria Pieterse, Mariet Pieterse, Annelize Grobbelaar, Claudine Laidlaw and Grant Laidlaw.

The formalities of the 53rd AGM of the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC)’s Johannesburg centre were handled promptly on Friday 28 July. The event took place at the popular Carver’s Restaurant in Randburg and was well attended by over 80 members and guests.

A fruitful year
After the confirmation of the previous AGM’s minutes, Jaco Pieterse, centre chairman, officially welcomed everyone and gave a brief overview of the centre’s activities since the last AGM. “It was an extremely busy and successful for the Johannesburg centre,” Pieterse reported.

Xmas00 1
Jaco Pieterse (right) hands over the Mike Veldon award to Jannie Potgieter for his contribtion to the association over the last year.

Highlights included numerous well-attended courses like ‘Advanced Psychrometrics’, ‘Refrigeration and Air Conditioning’, ‘Load Estimation for Refrigeration Applications’, and ‘BMS Controls’. There were also a number of social calendar events such as the annual golf day and the fellow’s luncheon. The centre also organised site visits to places like the Eskom’s Komati power station and Airconduct’s manufacturing facility in Pretoria. Then of course there was the monthly informative technical meetings covering a range of topics from all aspects in the industry.

Xmas00 3
A full house at Carver’s Restaurant for the AGM and Christmas in July.

The centre showed tremendous positive growth, increasing its membership from 421 to 489 (68 new members), boasting an impressive 11% increase.

Grant Laidlaw, the Johannesburg centre’s treasurer, was up next to do his treasurer’s report, confirming that this centre is healthy and doing well in terms of its finances. He thanked everyone for their participation and support.

Xmas00 4
From left: Arora Simpson, Kevin Walter, Jackey Moss, Colin Groenewald, Julia Moss, Alita Thomaides and George Thomaides.

After the official reports, Pieterse presented three awards to members who stood out over the year.

Xmas00 5
Jaco Pieterse, SAIRAC Johannesburg centre chairman, delivering his chairman’s report during the AGM.

The ‘Best Student Award’, in terms of the various enrichment courses presented by the association, went to Robin Sloan. While the award for attending the most centre events, went to Desmond Andriesse.

Xmas00 6
Grant Laidlaw, SAIRAC president and Johannesburg treasurer, giving his treasurer’s report.

The special Mike Veldon Award for the SAIRAC member who has contributed the most to the Johannesburg centre over the past year, went to Jannie Potgieter, who presented many of the enrichment courses for the association.

New committee
After thanking the outgoing committee for their service over the past year and asking if there were any more nominations, Pieterse announced the new team.

The new committee and their respective portfolios

  • Jaco Pieterse (chairman)
  • Charel Marais (vice chairman)
  • Grant Laidlaw (treasurer)
  • Richard Mullen (past chairman)
  • Mariet Pieterse (secretary)

Technical meeting/speaker programme co-ordinators

  • Charel Marais
  • Robert Fox
  • John Veldon

Education co-ordinators

  • Jaco Pieterse
  • Riaan Visser
  • Greggory Grobbelaar
  • Gareth Channer

Site visits

  • Charel Marais
  • Bob Vuletic
  • Moses Mngomezulu
  • Robert Fox
  • John Veldon

Publications co-ordinators

  • Grant Laidlaw
  • Jaco Pieterse
  • Mariet Pieterse

Golf day co-ordinators

  • Jaco Pieterse
  • Greggory Grobbelaar
  • John Veldon
  • Mariet Pieterse

A fun night for all
After the AGM concluded, everyone helped themselves to the buffet feast presented by the restaurant. As usual, Carver’s did not disappoint and many went back for a second (and even a third) helping.

Xmas00 7
Jaco Pieterse (left) giving Desmond Andriesse his award for attending the most centre events.

There was a jovial vibe throughout as old friends and new caught up over a few drinks.

*The next centre event to mark on your social calendar is the popular fellow’s luncheon that will take place on Friday 10 October.

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