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Technical meeting looks at Victaulic systems

On 18 May the Johannesburg centre of the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC) changed things up a bit and held its monthly technical meeting at the ACRA premises to learn more about Victualic products.

SAIRAC’s technical talk was held at the ACRA training centre in Chloorkop where Owen Howell of Victualic South Africa spoke about the following topics:

  • Technical facts and benefits of the Victaulic core systems.
  • Victaulic and the different services it offers.
  • Applied benefits for grooved cooling with complete systems with Victaulic.
  • Focus on materials, approvals, schedules, coatings and insulation.
  • Gasket selection/materials.
  • Victaulic tools for the grooved solutions and pipe preparation.
  • Victaulic benefits in the mechanical rooms.
  • Advanced Grooved System (AGS), catalogue items, fabricated suction and discharge pump drops.
  • CAD topics: Victaulic Revit Tool Bar, CPS drawings package approach and Prefabrication BIM.
  • Project life circle and the stages were Victaulic can make a difference to benefit savings and effectiveness.

Afterwards everyone could look at some of the practical tools and products to get a better understanding of how they work.

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