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Michael Spearpoint Meritorious Award

The Port Elizabeth AGM was held at the V&A Guesthouse where the attendance was quite impressive as compared to the previous years.

SAIRAC fellows, members and associates came in their numbers as there was a surprise planned by the committee. It turned out that the surprise was the awarding of the Meritorious Award to Mr Michael Spearpoint (Mike). As part of the brief given by Mr Allan Campbell who is a SAIRAC Fellow, Mike has been in the industry for the past 3 decades and he has been instrumental in knowledge transfer in the HVACR field. Mike has facilitated on a number of times the psychometric course on behalf of SAIRAC and was also involved with testing and commissioning of the refrigerated liquid bulk tankers that were manufactured in Port Elizabeth.

In recent years Mike has been involved in design of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and just completed a high potency suite that recently started production. Mike is a SAIRAC Fellow who has been very active on SAIRAC issues and is a past Chairman of SAIRAC PE.


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