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The June SAIRAC technical meetings centred on Andel’s Floodline Leak Detection system, now available in South Africa.


The Johannesburg technical meeting for the South African Institute of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (SAIRAC) took place on 23 June at the Bryanston Sports Club. This was the last South African talk scheduled for the evening’s speaker Mark Harris (the commercial director at Andel in the UK), who has been addressing SAIRAC audiences throughout the country at its technical meetings. His flight was leaving later in the evening, and he even made a joke about how it interesting it is that his arrival in the UK the next day coincides with the announcement of the Brexit vote.


Harris spoke about the history of his company (founded in 1992) and gave a brief overview of various leak detection systems generally employed to find water, oil and refrigerant gas leaks. He touched on the dangers of leaks going unnoticed and general applications where a leak detection system would be advised.

He then went on to explain how zoned leak detection works and the benefits of using the award winning Floodline system designed by Andel. According to Harris, zoned leak detection is good for subdivided areas. It is easy to install and can be tuned to avoid false alarms by altering both the sensitivity setting on the system, as well as the individual zone basis, depending on manufacturer. It also offers multiple leak detection all in one and is easy to repair, extend or modify.

Questions and snacks followed as is customary at these events.

Natal Pump Services in KwaZulu-Natal will locally distribute Andel’s Floodline products.

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